Harmony Music House

Summer Guitar Camp

Ages 9 to 14

About our Camp

Harmony Music House has a developed a Summer Guitar Camp for students that are at a beginner to intermediate playing level. Our campers will be introduced to the beginning fundamentals of guitar playing, which include, tuning, learning chords, playing single note melodies, rhythm techniques, and more. Each day the students will be introduced to a different style of guitar playing, which will include elements of  Rock-n-roll, folk, bluegrass, and Spanish guitar.

In order to break up two hours of straight guitar instruction, the campers will also learn about different types of guitars, including electric guitars, acoustic, nylon string guitars, and a few other string instruments as well.   There will also be an introduction to amplifiers, and guitar care.

Instrument required - yes ( will have at least one of each kind of guitar that we are going to learn about, but students should definitely bring whatever they have). If your child doesn't have a guitar on hand, we do have a few guitars available, but please let us know if you need one so we can reserve it for you. 

Dates & details

  • Each session is five days long (Mon-Fri) from 10am -12pm
  • The cost for the session is $175 (we do offer 15% off for friends and siblings) at check out Enter Code: guitarbuddy
  • Each session has a four person minimum in order for the class "to make".
  • The minimum age is nine (In order to keep the class on pace, we will not enroll younger children)
  • It is required to have a guitar for this camp (If you need a guitar email us, we can help you with that)
  • Extra private instruction. We have a limited amount of space for a daily 30 minute private lesson before or after each day of camp (DELUXE CAMP) Not valid for lessons booked with instructors other than Dan Harris


About the instructor

Instructor - Dan Harris

Instructor - Dan Harris

I began playing guitar as a child of about 4. I remember sitting on my dads lap learning to sing and strum to “Hey Good Lookin’” while he fretted the chords. The guitar has been my lifelong companion ever since. I took all the music classes that I could during my school days and later earned a BA in music from the University of Wyoming. I spent countless hours locked away in practice rooms, working through charts for the jazz bands I played in or clawing my way through the classical guitar repertoire. It was during this time that I started teaching, my first job was for the UW school for extended studies where I taught 8 week courses in beginning guitar. After college I worked as a Suzuki guitar instructor for a number of years and taught privately as well, both in Boulder and in New York. I perform as a solo singer songwriter and with the Dan Harris Trio throughout the Front Range area. I love bluegrass and enjoy going to the local jams and pickin on my guitar and mandolin. I also own Dan Harris Instrument Company, LTD., where I fix and build stringed instruments.

Teaching: My goal as a teacher is to give you the tools to make music that you enjoy playing. This includes an emphasis on the foundations, such as developing a solid sense of rhythm and learning to hear the melodies and chords of a tune. I can teach flatpicking bluegrass guitar, easy 3 chord songs that you can sing around a campfire with your friends, fingerstyle and classical guitar, or simply the latest catchy tune on the radio.