Harmony Music House

Banjo Lessons

Robby Loeb - Three-finger Banjo (Scruggs & Melodic Style)

"Banjo makes everything better." 

I began teaching banjo in Boulder, Colorado in 2003. I focus on teaching the Earl Scruggs 3-finger, and melodic style Bluegrass banjo method, which involves learning particular roll patterns and back-up rhythm styles. I enjoy teaching students traditional Bluegrass songs as well as helping students learn and develop their own style. My intent is to find out exactly what my students want to get out of playing the banjo, and what their learning style is so that I can adapt to it.

Whether your focus is learning every bluegrass tune under the sun, how to improvise a solo, or just being able to hold your own at a campfire with the rest of them, I can help you with that. I believe that each student can successfully achieve the expression of musical artistry through efficient practice habits, and proper guidance. Once the technical elements of playing an instrument are achieved, the door is wide open to making music as a form of art.

I studied under banjo legend Alan Munde at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas. On top of studying banjo, I also took courses in guitar, bass, Bluegrass history, audio engineering, and ensemble classes. More recently, I have studied with renowned banjo player Rob McCoury from The Del McCoury Band, and award winning banjoist Jayme Stone.

I have been the director of the bluegrass ensembles at Harmony since it's inception in 2009. I am also the owner of the studio.


Willie Gammell

Willie has played in nearly every kind of band you can think of, and in nearly every city in the US. Willie plays guitar, ukulele, bass, mandolin, and banjo.

He played guitar in rock bands in high school. He then attended Shenandoah University, studying Jazz and Classical guitar before he heard the call of the road and joined up with the Southern Funk Orchestra. Willie played society gigs around DC and as a hired gun for demos and out of town bands.

Willie helped form the Soulutions, a world music influenced reggae band. Soon Willie found himself in NYC, giving lessons to people of all ages where ever the Subway would go. Here he formed one half of the duo The Galt Line, and toured coast to coast.

Back in the DC area, Willie taught, recorded, and toured with the psychedelic metal band The Neighbors. Recently Willie has been living in Boulder and teaching all over the front range.

Willie will show you that anyone can play music. He'll bring his love of performing and broad knowledge to you in every lesson.


Andy Schiller


Andy began his study of the Violin in 1982, and took Suzuki lessons from age 7 to age 17. Andy got his first electric guitar at age 13, and focused on rock songwriting and improvisation. A high-school interest in orchestration inspired him to study classical guitar performance. After performing in Carnegie Hall at age 19 (in 1995), Andy went on to earn a BA in Music Business/Arts Entertanment, with an instrumental focus on Electronic/Synthesizer Music from Siena Heights University. He has also studied privately with Sharon Isbin at the Aspen Music Festival, with Eliot Fisk at Hillsdale College, with Jason Vieux at Cleveland Conservatory, with Benjamin Verdery at the Hawaii Festival, and five years of private lessons with Ricardo Iznaoloa at the University of Denver. Andy has also lived in Rome, Italy and performed concerts as a resident solo artist with the Rome Festival Orchestra. He has also appeared as a soloist with the Adrian Symphony Orchestra. In the summer of 1995, Andy lived in Paris, France, studying language and Art History. In the summer of 1996, Andy lived in Sao Paulo, Brasil, informally studying and performing Samba music. He taught full time in Boulder for 15 years for Robb’s Boulder Music, and has also taught for the Colorado Music Festival and the Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts, and the famous Herb David guitar studio in Ann Arbor Michigan. Andy has been an Professor of Music at Siena Heights University as well as Adrian College.

Andy is a percussive fingerstyle acoustic artist, who adds electrtic guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukelele, fiddle, (or any other stringed instrument), as well as samples and loops to his pieces. He feels comfortable playing bluegrass or blues, metal or acoustic, Celtic or Brasilian, Classical or Postmodern. A band he is currently coaching, Locoboco, performs rock songs in Danish. His instrumental compositions have been chosen by playwrights, ad agencies, therapists, and compilations. He has released three CDs of solo acoustic guitar music. His latest, Horizons, was recorded by three-time Grammy winning producer, Tom Wasinger. Andy’s latest music video featuring acoustic percussive guitar “Behind Those Eyes” is featured on his YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/andyschiller. He is currently writing, performing, and recording songs at Epicenter Recording studios with Mike Binder and MGB Records.