Harmony Music House

Bass & Cello Lessons

Bradley Morse - Upright & Electric Bass

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in Valparaiso, FL Bradley has been involved with music since the age of 11. His first instrument was the Oboe which he continued through early high school. He started on the electric bass when he was 15 and developed an interest in Jazz late in high school. He went on to study and attain a Jazz studies degree at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL. While attending school he was heavily involved with the classical string, voice, and Jazz programs. A few of the masterclasses he attended and participated in were with John Clayton, Christian Mcbride, Tokyo string quartet, Ranann Meyer, and Hans Jorgen Jensen. Upon moving to Colorado in summer of 2013 he has been an active musician of the Front Range music scene. Currently he is in three different groups (Masontown, Gasoline Lollipops and Lonesome Days) and also freelances with other groups on occasion in Colorado's diverse music scene.


Jacob Passini - Cello & Electric Bass

Jacob Passini is a passionate musician with 18-years of Cello/Bass-playing experience both academically and professionally.

Classical cello is Jacob’s primary influence, but jazz, blues, and rock are also part of his playing style.  During his musical training, he’s studied under  prominent cellists such as Nina Gordon, Adriana la Rosa Ransom, Charlotte Williams Muir, and William Cernota.  Internationally, he also worked directly with Tomas traši and Karen Becker in the Czech Republic during the 2005 Ameropa Festival

Jacob has always enjoyed teaching. He teaches with the belief that to really learn an instrument, you should not only be working towards mastering the next step - whether it’s a technique or classical piece, but always have fun while playing.

Believing that it is important for students to feel the natural flow of music, Jacob teaches with the goal that each student can “be the music” instead of playing notes on a sheet of paper. He has always been a cellist/bassist who plays with emotion and can tell a story with his instrument.

In addition to playing Cello & Bass, Jacob enjoys playing guitar and hiking with his dog Peppers.