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Aaron Bartlett - Drum kit

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Aaron Bartlett is a very multi-faceted musician. He's been playing music since 2006, starting his first rock band in high school, and then serving many different musical roles in bands of all kinds up until his graduation in Music Composition from Naropa University in 2017. He's now credited with scoring his first indie film in 2016, and is a singer/songwriter & music producer in the Boulder. Music teacher since 2010, he's worked in schools of all kinds teaching private lessons, group classes, and recording sessions. He loves to teach and offers a unique experience in the classroom not found in many other places, exploring songwriting & music theory alongside his various instruments.

Aaron started learning the drums from his drummer in his first rock band in high school, and then tried drumming as his main instrument in his first years of college. He's now ventured into genres like jazz, hip-hop, folk, but mostly rock music in his percussion ventures. Drumming is one of the most fun instruments to teach, and allow a person to use all limbs of their body in a way almost no instruments do. 

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Andy Skellenger - Tabla Drums

Andy Skellenger is a professional percussionist and teacher based out of Boulder, CO. Since the age of 18 when he visited India, he's dedicated his life to the study of Rhythm, specifically Tabla music from North India. While he is well versed in the music theory of the west, he teaches in the tradition of Indian Classical Music, beginning with vocalization of rhythms. This fun and unique method of teaching allows the student to learn with the language center of the brain, enabling easy memorization and fuller expression of rhythm. It also allows the student to simultaneously keep two different ideas going (one with the voice, and one with the hands), activating the brain in a powerful way and expanding the rhythmic horizons of any instrumentalist or vocalist.


Tober Schorr - Drumkit

Tober is a drummer and percussionist living in Boulder, CO. His teaching style focuses on building listening skills as much as technical ability. He accompanies his drum students on piano so that they get the experience of playing with other musicians early on. He strives to find the best approach to communicate musicality to each student, and believes that it is important to learn both by ear and through reading music.

His drum set background combines being self-taught with music studies at the Colorado College (minor in Music) and Metropolitan State University of Denver (Bachelors of Music). He studied jazz at Metro with Ron Miles and Paul Romaine.  His background in djembe and dunun music includes apprenticeships with master drummers Abdoul Doumbia (Mali) and Fara Tolno (Guinea), as well as travels to West Africa and Mozambique. He also studied Afro-Cuban drumming (congas, timbales and bongó) in Cuba in 2017-2018. He also plays the piano as both a secondary instrument and a means to understand theory and composition.

Tober currently performs with: The Strange Parade (a tribute to the Doors), Speakeasy (trad jazz and hot jazz), ONDA (local Latin dance legends), and Latin-Rock fusion band Los Cheesies. He is also the drummer for the Boulder Big Band and often accompanies the Harmony Music House jazz ensembles. 

Previously, Tober has played with: The Antonio Lopez Trio, Fara Tolno's Kissidugu (West African drumming and dance troupe), Janis Kelly and Global Soul, Chicha, The Whale Tales, and the Nick Willis Band. 

Whether you want to learn to play drums in a band, discover how to make a tone and slap on a hand drum, or understand the interplay of a jazz rhythm section or the intricacies of a West African polyrhythm, Tober can help you. He also teaches basic piano lessons for kids. 

Tober plays and is endorsed by TreeHouse Drums. https://www.treehousedrums.com/

I currently play and am endorsed by TreeHouse Drums. 


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Tober is only available for off-site lessons. He is a former Harmony Music House teacher that we refer drum kit student inquires to. Please email us and we will connect you with Tober.