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Guitar Lessons

Boulder's home for private guitar lessons. We have a wide range of guitar teachers to suit your needs.

Leah Mosier - Beginner to Advanced

From folk to rock to blues, I love teaching guitar to make it easy for you to learn the songs you love! I grew up taking guitar lessons in an amazing studio in Austin, TX surrounded by records, electric guitars, and 60's posters. My teacher was the biggest inspiration at the time, which is why I teach today. She showed me how students at any level could thrive while playing guitar if it was taught in a fun way. I spent years learning my favorite songs and became enmeshed in the Austin music scene. Inspired by amazing acoustic guitar players like Kaki King and Ben Howard, I started a musical project where I use open acoustic guitar tunings and dynamic fingerpicking melodies as a basis for my songs, which you can find at https://www.leahmosiermusic.com/

My goal as a teacher is to adapt my lessons to make guitar playing fun and motivating for you. I teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. If you are looking to grow in finger picking, soloing, jamming, playing in alternate tunings, song writing, strumming patterns, or add more chords to your repertoire, I will develop a lesson plan that will help you thrive!


Lily Kapiloff - Beginner to Intermediate

These lessons can be combined with voice & songwriting if you’d like to

Lily Kapiloff.jpg

I came to music relatively late in life, discovering in high school the simple and profound catharsis of strumming minor chords and turning my woes into songs. Since then I have enjoyed a handful of years in traditional academic settings studying music and almost two decades of self-directed and alternative approaches bringing me to my current position as a student of music and peace studies at Naropa University.

I know my way around the piano and guitar, vocals, theory, and songwriting. I believe that music is something that can be satisfying and healing from the very first moment that you pick up an instrument - or even with no instrument, just strolling down the street singing songs to yourself!
Into my teenage years I considered music a mystical and exclusive club that I couldn't be a part of. It has been utterly liberating to establish my own, very personal relationship to music and realize that it is in fact a completely accessible and brilliantly inclusive medium for expressing myself and joyfully collaborating with others. I am so excited to share this revelation and to help people find their own inlet, their own pathway for relating to music that feels genuine and enjoyable from the get-go. I have several years of experience working in pre-k through 12th grade classrooms and am happy to work with all ages and interests!


Chris Herbst - Beginner to Advanced

Originally from Vancouver BC, Chris is a dual citizen, multi-instrumentalist with an affinity for early jazz, swing, blues, bluegrass, rock, funk, country and various world musics. He began playing the guitar at the age of twelve and soon formed a garage band that played together every day till the end of high school. Chris attended Vancouver Community College and earned a diploma in jazz guitar. After college he was performing in blues and funk bands when he stumbled across a bluegrass jam. The Bluegrass bug bit him and he has never quite recovered. He learned to play each of the bluegrass instruments but Dobro wound up being the vehicle that has had him touring across the USA, Canada and Europe with a wide variety of acts. An armchair musicologist Chris loves to travel and always makes an effort to connect with local musicians wherever he goes. He has also traveled specifically for study including trips to Nashville and Kolkata, India. In 2016 after a 6 month stint living in New Orleans Chris moved to the front range of Colorado to play Dobro with popular touring act Thunder and Rain. Recently Chris has decided to stop touring, settle down next to the mountains in Boulder, teach lessons and raise his growing family. Chris has 20 years of teaching experience doing private and group lessons at music stores, folk clubs, out of his house and at music camps. He believes strongly in helping students learn the musical styles/repertoire that interest them while at the same time teaching the fundamentals of music including theory, timing, ear training, scales, harmony, technique, rhythm etc...


Willie Gammell - Beginner to Advanced

Willie has played in nearly every kind of band you can think of, and in nearly every city in the US. Willie plays guitar, ukulele, bass, mandolin, and banjo.

He played guitar in rock bands in high school. He then attended Shenandoah University, studying Jazz and Classical guitar before he heard the call of the road and joined up with the Southern Funk Orchestra. Willie played society gigs around DC and as a hired gun for demos and out of town bands.

Willie helped form the Soulutions, a world music influenced reggae band. Soon Willie found himself in NYC, giving lessons to people of all ages where ever the Subway would go. Here he formed one half of the duo The Galt Line, and toured coast to coast.

Back in the DC area, Willie taught, recorded, and toured with the psychedelic metal band The Neighbors. Recently Willie has been living in Boulder and teaching all over the front range.

Willie will show you that anyone can play music. He'll bring his love of performing and broad knowledge to you in every lesson.


Jason Murray - Beginner to Advanced

Jason Murray.jpg

I fell in love with the guitar at age 13, and would spend hours in my bedroom recording songs off the radio onto cassettes, then replaying them ad nauseam trying to dissect the guitar parts. I remember the wonder of discovering players like Hendrix, Ani Difranco, and Jimmy Page. Later in my teens, as my interest in songwriting began to bloom, I discovered Jeff Buckley, who completely broadened my musical horizons, awakened a love for singing, and inspired me to dig deep into musical traditions such as folk, jazz, blues, and soul.

I took a 6 year hiatus from making music during my twenties while living at a meditation retreat center, and came back to the guitar with a deep love and fascination for the endless harmonic possibilities of the instrument. While primarily self-taught most of my life, I decided to go to a community college for music, where I received life-changing support from my instructors to pursue music. I also had my first ongoing guitar teacher during that time, who introduced me to the beauty of classical guitar, and whose teaching methods continue to inspire me. I completed my bachelor’s degree in music at New Mexico Highlands University in 2016, and with my main focus in composition and songwriting. I love writing in styles I haven’t explored before, and have written pieces for jazz ensembles, piano, a musical theater duet (which has never been performed), classical guitar, numerous co-writes, and -- most of all -- lots of songs for voice and guitar. I plan to start recording a solo album this summer, which has been a long-time wish.    

Giving guitar lessons has been a truly rewarding experience. I love the creative process of designing lessons around the natural abilities and interests that students present. I have a deep appreciation that the guitar seems to draw some of the most independent-minded people you’ll ever meet, and welcome the opportunity to work alongside them as they develop their musical voice and vocabulary. I also enjoy working with total beginners and watching them develop. Some of my happiest moments with music have been witnessing spontaneous displays of musicianship from a student during a lesson. I am open to a more structured or open-ended approach, depending on what the student finds helpful, and enjoy working with students as co-creators of their lessons.


Michael Santulli

Michael S.JPG

Michael Santulli has been playing and studying music for about 15 years.  At the age of 12 he began playing
the acoustic guitar and studying music theory.  Shortly afterwards, he took up playing electric guitar and joined
an amateur rock band.  Since playing his first note, Michael has continuously been adding new styles,
techniques, and instruments to his repertoire. Now, Michael enjoys playing a wide variety of genres from
classical, to bluegrass, to rock, and has performed in New York City, Washington DC, Rome, and many other
cities.  His technical versatility and passion for both music and teaching make him an ideal instructor to help
you reach your musical goals!


Aaron Bartlett

Aaron B.jpg

Aaron Bartlett is a very multi-faceted musician. He's been playing music since 2006, starting his first rock band in high school, and then serving many different musical roles in bands of all kinds up until his graduation in Music Composition from Naropa University in 2017. He's now credited with scoring his first indie film in 2016, and is a singer/songwriter & music producer in the Boulder. Music teacher since 2010, he's worked in schools of all kinds teaching private lessons, group classes, and recording sessions. He loves to teach and offers a unique experience in the classroom not found in many other places, exploring songwriting & music theory alongside his various instruments.

Aaron's been playing guitar more consistently than any instrument in his career, starting at 13 years old and having played guitar in his own projects since his journey has begun. His specialty is acoustic stylings, and using the singer/songwriter skills of singing, playing, and composing with these tools. 


David Goodheim - Intermediate to Advanced


David Goodheim is an American performer, composer, recording artist, and improvisor. His performances and recordings have been heard all over the world live (US and Europe), on radio, and on recordings for record labels from the US, Europe, and Australia. David has been a musician since the age of six beginning on piano,  then playing woodwinds in school (flute, saxophone, clarinet), and finally his main instrument guitar (since 1996, theory, songwriting/composition, improvisation, classical, electric (rock, blues, experimental, ambient, jazz), and steel string (folk, american, country, fingerstyle)). David also is a young maestro playing the classical music of northern India since 2003, having studied within the preeminent Maihar Gharana on sarod with Ustad Aashish Khan and Pandit Rajeev Taranath and earlier on sitar with Ustad Roshan Jamal Bhartiya. He attended the University of Colorado (Phi Beta Kappa honors, EPO Biology '08) and received a BFA performer/composer degree from California Institute of the Arts in 2008.

Music pedagogy has been an important part of David's life both as a devoted lifelong student of broad musical interests, and as a teacher first offering guitar lessons to students in 2003. He has taught lessons, classes, and workshops in California and Colorado for schools, educational organizations, and as a private instructor. David fosters enjoyment of music and practice by tailoring repertoire and selection of pieces for practice for each student, or by supplementing a student's choice of musical repertoire and style with further and deeper exploration thereof. Lessons and assignments emphasize:

  • development of good technique, 

  • facilitating understanding of the fundamentals of music theory and musicianship as applicable (if desired), 

  • close listening and ear training to foster and support musical growth, musical improvement, and enjoyment of playing, practice, and music,

  • instilling good habits and tools for the practice of practicing music,

  • utilizing students' strengths and tailoring lessons and take home work to address areas where improvement will benefit students on their individual path,

  • and teaching students to be good learners with their own tools, skills, and knowledge for continued growth and improvement beyond lessons.

    David's music can be heard by searching online for any of his many musical projects; timbre wolves (performer/composer, electric guitar), sheafshifter (producer/writer/arranger/performer, vocals, guitar, bass, synths), Kramies (performer/arranger, electric guitar, bass, synths), not the arrow (performer/co-writer, guitar), blackburst generator (performer/cowriter, electric guitar) Grass (performer, bass), and Nimbus (performer, bass).


Dave Honig- Acoustic (Steel & nylon string, plectrum & finger-style), Electric, Jazz, Latin, & Classical (Beginner to Advanced)


Dave is a excellent teacher for students of all ages and levels who are serious about learning Guitar, Musicianship, & Theory.

Dave Honig is a lifelong professional musician and educator including nearly 20 years of instructing at the college level in both the Jazz and Classical fields.

As a performer, he held a weekly gig at the legendary Manhattan Jazz club 'Smoke' (formerly known as Augies). He was initially brought to Colorado By the Aspen Music Festival where he performed as a guest with both the Orchestra and the Jazz Ensemble.
In Colorado, he has led Jazz ensembles featuring the best Denver area musicians. He currently can be heard with his New Standards Project, an expansion of the Jazz Standards repertoire to include everything from Motown to Singer-Songwriters and Jimi Hendrix to Bluegrass through arranging and re-harmonization.

As a teacher, his style is flexible to the individual needs of each student while encompassing musical expression, musicianship, technique, and theory. Musical individuality is encouraged when encountered. 

Listen to Dave play https://soundcloud.com/dave-honig


Laura Stratton - Beginner to Intermediate

One of my earliest memories is listening to my father play ragtime and blues piano for hours in our living room. I’d sit on the bench next to him and attempt to play along until he decided it was time for lessons at the age of 5. Ever since, music has been an integral part of my life. I strive to bring this memory and this feeling to every curious learner. I enjoy creating a fun and customized teaching approach, while maintaining an emphasis on technique. The majority of my piano training has been classical, however, for the past 10 years, pop, rock and blues have made their way into my repertoire, allowing me to play with numerous bands around town. The marriage of these concepts has given me the versatility to teach individuals in a personally directed way, creating a plan that is engaging and inspiring.

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