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Boulder's home for private guitar lessons. We have a wide range of guitar teachers to suit your needs.

Ian Hendrick - Acoustic/Electric Guitar


A guitarist since the age of 11, Ian studied Music Performance at UMass Lowell and Music Technology at CU-Denver. He is a graduate of the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery and worked as a repairman of stringed instruments at Woodsong’s Lutherie for 13 years, all the while playing in rock and pop bands and furthering his own musical education through private study with jazz guitarist Dale Bruning, who inspired and compelled Ian to start teaching. Ian’s unique experience gives him a keen insight into the relationship between the student and the instrument, and he is a firm believer that anyone can play music with ease and comfort.  He teaches a range of styles from rock, pop, blues, country, folk, and jazz.


Dylan McCarthy  Beginner to Advanced

With over 16 years experience playing and performing, Dylan's musical background is deep and diverse. Beginning with classical piano at the age of 7, he has explored a breadth of musical genres and instruments. His high school years were steeped in classic rock and roll, cutting his teeth in Denver dive bars at 14. He hit a turning point at 18 with his decision to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA in 2012 for electric bass, while simultaneously discovering his love for mandolin and bluegrass music. Since then, Dylan has established himself in Colorado as a hard-working professional in the bluegrass music scene with his fierce guitar flat-picking, finesse on the mandolin and strong vocal presence.


Laura Stratton - Beginner to Intermediate

One of my earliest memories is listening to my father play ragtime and blues piano for hours in our living room. I’d sit on the bench next to him and attempt to play along until he decided it was time for lessons at the age of 5. Ever since, music has been an integral part of my life. I strive to bring this memory and this feeling to every curious learner. I enjoy creating a fun and customized teaching approach, while maintaining an emphasis on technique. The majority of my piano training has been classical, however, for the past 10 years, pop, rock and blues have made their way into my repertoire, allowing me to play with numerous bands around town. The marriage of these concepts has given me the versatility to teach individuals in a personally directed way, creating a plan that is engaging and inspiring.


Willie Gammell - Beginner to Advanced

Willie has played in nearly every kind of band you can think of, and in nearly every city in the US. Willie plays guitar, ukulele, bass, mandolin, and banjo.

He played guitar in rock bands in high school. He then attended Shenandoah University, studying Jazz and Classical guitar before he heard the call of the road and joined up with the Southern Funk Orchestra. Willie played society gigs around DC and as a hired gun for demos and out of town bands.

Willie helped form the Soulutions, a world music influenced reggae band. Soon Willie found himself in NYC, giving lessons to people of all ages where ever the Subway would go. Here he formed one half of the duo The Galt Line, and toured coast to coast.

Back in the DC area, Willie taught, recorded, and toured with the psychedelic metal band The Neighbors. Recently Willie has been living in Boulder and teaching all over the front range.

Willie will show you that anyone can play music. He'll bring his love of performing and broad knowledge to you in every lesson.


Michael Santulli

Michael S.JPG

Michael Santulli has been playing and studying music for about 15 years.  At the age of 12 he began playing
the acoustic guitar and studying music theory.  Shortly afterwards, he took up playing electric guitar and joined
an amateur rock band.  Since playing his first note, Michael has continuously been adding new styles,
techniques, and instruments to his repertoire. Now, Michael enjoys playing a wide variety of genres from
classical, to bluegrass, to rock, and has performed in New York City, Washington DC, Rome, and many other
cities.  His technical versatility and passion for both music and teaching make him an ideal instructor to help
you reach your musical goals!


Ryan Mihaly  - Beginner to Intermediate

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Ryan Mihaly - general.jpg

Ryan is a  guitarist with over 10 years of teaching and playing experience. He bought his first guitar (a Fender Jazzmaster) when he was 17 with money he made bussing tables at a pizza restaurant. He has played the guitar in rock, folk, bluegrass, singer-songwriter, experimental, punk, funk, and jazz settings.

Ryan grew up in New England, lived in Tokyo for two years with his family where he played in a ska band, and graduated from Hampshire College, where he wrote a 10-movement piece for sax trio, string trio, and vocalist.

As a teacher, he applies methods of collaboration, improvisation, ear training, rhythmic emphasis, pattern recognition, muscle memory, theory, free play, deep listening, and technique. He believes that everyone has an innate sense of music, and his lessons are tailored toward each students' specific abilities.

He is currently a graduate student at Naropa University's writing program, where he working on a novel about a 100-year old pianist, and frequently collaborates with poets. 


Theresa Peterson - Beginner to Intermediate

Picking up guitar at age 11, Theresa has had a passion for learning and teaching guitar since an early age.  She teaches beginning and intermediate guitar including basic chords, strumming patterns, picking patterns, and alternate tunings, which can be applied to many styles of music.  Theresa's approach to teaching is flexible based on student's age, skills, and specific interests.  Students are encouraged to bring in any material that interests them and lessons can be structured around this.

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Eric Dorr - Acoustic, Electric, Theory (Beginner to Intermediate)

Eric is a guitarist, pianist, singer, and trumpet player. He has been studying music for 17 years. Currently living in Boulder, Colorado, he grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Temple University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. Eric has performed in various rock, folk, jazz, and classical groups for the past 11 years, both through university and on his own.

His teaching experience covers a wide range of age, ability, and musical interests. He specializes in beginner students. His favorite part of teaching privately is the student-centered path towards musical development and awareness. He loves teaching in both conventional and non-conventional methods. He encourages composition, improvisation, and ear training from a very young age, and he is always curious to see what his students will come up with next!


Dave Honig- Acoustic (Steel & nylon string, plectrum & finger-style), Electric, Jazz, Latin, & Classical (Beginner to Advanced)

Dave is a excellent teacher for students of all ages and levels who are serious about learning Guitar, Musicianship, & Theory.

Dave Honig is a lifelong professional musician and educator including nearly 20 years of instructing at the college level in both the Jazz and Classical fields.

As a performer, he held a weekly gig at the legendary Manhattan Jazz club 'Smoke' (formerly known as Augies). He was initially brought to Colorado By the Aspen Music Festival where he performed as a guest with both the Orchestra and the Jazz Ensemble.
In Colorado, he has led Jazz ensembles featuring the best Denver area musicians. He currently can be heard with his New Standards Project, an expansion of the Jazz Standards repertoire to include everything from Motown to Singer-Songwriters and Jimi Hendrix to Bluegrass through arranging and re-harmonization.

As a teacher, his style is flexible to the individual needs of each student while encompassing musical expression, musicianship, technique, and theory. Musical individuality is encouraged when encountered.