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Rushad Eggleston
7:00 PM19:00

Rushad Eggleston

An intimate evening with Rushad Eggleston at Harmony Music House

This is an all acoustic "house concert" style setting.

Saturday, December 1st

Doors 7pm Show 7:30

$20 Adv $23 at the door

All sales final. No refunds.

rushadicus is a 

cello shaped spaceship captain 

knower of harmoogian zarf weasels

acrobatic blurk dancer


tongue shaper

mind blower

joy spreader 

stratocaster shredder

professional jazz kazooist

explorer of the unknown

fearless improviser

musical innovator

parnickthian poet

twangy yowler

rimniscuous rapper 


and many things

which have never been

Please read below for the full bio:

His Majesty The Goblin Prince of Jick is no mere "Rushad Eggleston". He is also: a Snutch-Cat of Fwingy-Pingies, a Harmoogian Zarf-Weasel, Rusharguanox, Mr Thurrowogouñfnees, Rushadicus, Mr Von Jijjybauw-Jijjybauw, & Ruusta Benuusta Beduusta B'shad, among countless others. His cello's name is El Cellocabra del Norforbiulonés, his body's name is Blarnox, and his butt's names are Robo Hazuni, Butti Ugnokuttees, and Harold AKA "Harry" (it's ironic). In 1999 he became captain of a Buntungwian jark-pirate ship full of scholar which he led on a 4-year expedition across the entire Berkleegean sea. Along the way he acquired a veritable bounty of skills, sounds and knowings from which he concocted a salve for suffering and distributed it all around the world through musical mirth and mischief. Now he "lives" in some pleasantly wylde california woods and blasts away on his thunderous blark-cannon all day. And of course Rushadicus is no mere cellist. He is also a jazz kazooist, inventor of worlds, exercise coach, trash vocalist, dancer, amateur acrobat, jester, clown, goblin, entertainer, producer, songwriter, poet, composer, guitar shredder, mandolin plucker, banjist, bass-thumper, tennis player, golfer, bowler, motivational speaker, avant-garde vegan cook, cartoonist, filmmaker, and wizard-in-training. He sees the world as infinite stacked pandora's boxes of metaphors, and believes that any part of any box can be converted into melodies, and therefore that energy is everywhere, infinite and free. He also believes the speed of melody is faster than the speed of light and that musical instruments are the most precise time traveling machines existing. He keeps in regular touch with beings from other dimensions who often send him strange words and melodies. Words like "bicky onk a-boogeny" have been known to appear suddenly upon his shoulder at random times. Rusharguanox plans for the future many epic productions, compositions, publications and recordings in the service of joy and to further the influence of the magickal land of Sneth, where he resides when not vacationing on Earth. Mr Thurrowogouñfnees feels incredibly fortunate to have only ever needed to play music for a living, and plans to feel that way for the rest of his days, which he hopes will be full of music, games, weirdness, laughter, joy, and snethity. He and his wife, her majesty the royal varmint Mouse Princess, are slowly but powerfully building up a great empire of Sneth to be a beacon of fluffy hope and peppery power for these ever questionable times. In conclusion, he offers this poignant proverb of plu-plox: 'Binsnithio blynnegax thuberon markweez dessledorf manskiolotas fwyoblanginate trummux, insnarthio vuulu-évitch m'skolkiagandros dwezzomine, muck muzzyuagrine, f'nicktobegeen, hazzo-tween steen in a gorlox panthonode jacktofworp of thimmy thimmy uskiuanimmi'. Amen

Band Members

El Cellocabra del Norforbuloñes (cello) 
Thobus Thwaffner (kazoo)

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7:30 PM19:30

Ragged Union


An intimate evening with Ragged Union

This is an all acoustic "house concert" style setting. Feel free to BYOB.

Friday,December 15th

Doors 7pm Show 7:30

$20 Adv $23 at the door

All sales final. No refunds.

As soon as the sound of Ragged Union’s music fills a listener’s ears, the subtle cleverness of their name hits home. They play bluegrass — a genre known for being anything but ragged. On the contrary, it requires attention, precision, and of course, careful uniting of diverse instrumental and vocal skills. The band’s second album, Time Captain, releasing Oct. 27, confirms just how adroitly the band’s six individual talents merge into one well-meshed whole. 

The fact that two members of this Boulder, Colorado-based collective — flatpicking guitarist/vocalist Geoff Union and vocalist Christina Union — are also united in marriage (and as chief songwriters) just adds another layer of wit to their moniker. 

Despite their occasional propensity for wordplay, however, the members of Ragged Union are quite serious when it comes to making music, and have the pedigrees to back it up. Fayetteville, North Carolina native Geoff Union is a veteran of the renowned Two High String Band; mandolinist/vocalist Jordan Ramsey, a Newport, Tennessee, native, won the 2016 national mandolin championship at the Walnut Valley Festival (aka Winfield); banjoist Chris “C-Bob” Elliott, originally from Huffman, Texas, played in Spring Creek and the Blue Canyon Boys; fiddler Justin Hoffenberg, of Boulder, Colorado, a Long Road Home veteran, teaches at Rockygrass Academy; and bassist David Richey, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, studied bluegrass and old-time music at East Tennessee State 

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7:30 PM19:30

Rushad Eggleston


An intimate evening with Rushad Eggleston

This is an all acoustic "house concert" style setting. Feel free to BYOB.

Friday, October 6th

Doors 7pm Show 7:30

$20 Adv $23 at the door

All sales final. No refunds.

“Legend, clown, goblin, cello-shredder, acrobat. Wild “jazz” vocalist, bundle of laughs, writer of hit songs in other galaxies, Ambassador of Sneth. Inventor of bluegrass cello, time traveler, creator of worlds. Pentecostal dancer, proprietor of igwarfnees, president of Norwegian Ostrich Society, winner of some contest in 1725.”

— Biographer of Rushad Eggleston

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7:30 PM19:30

Monocle Band

This is an all acoustic "house concert" style setting. Feel free to BYOB.
Doors open at 7pm.  Show starts at 7:30pm.
$20 Adv $23 at the door
All sales final. No refunds.

Formed in the musically fertile slopes of Colorado’s Front Range, Monocle Band offers a fresh and vibrant take on the roots acoustic music that has made Colorado one of the most exciting music scenes in the country. Monocle Band is Rocky Mountain Indie Folk…brand new, original music rooted in the traditions of Telluride bluegrass and the troubadour wanderings that led Townes Van Zandt through the San Juan Mountains on horseback. Always rooted in song, the group’s music flows from a stomping fiddle breakdown to a lost lover’s lament. This is original music, the acoustic sound of the spirit, innately authentic yet sonically aligned with the roots music revival enchanting the nation. Lighting up dance floors and breaking hearts across the Rocky Mountain west since 2011, MonocleBand blends stirring songcraft, flatpicked guitar, fiddle, mandolin, upright bass, and the most musical of drums into a sound that will move your body, mind, and soul.

Led by the sweet and soaring vocals of Monica Whittington, the Boulder, Colorado based quintet combines the best of song-craft and captivating performance. Monica (vocals, acoustic guitar) and songwriting partner Bill Huston (vocals, acoustic and electric guitar) have assembled an unparalleled ensemble of jazz-trained and roots-based musicians and have played over 350 dates since the bands the band’s inception. Filling out the quintet Dave Weinand (upright bass, vocal), Emily Lewis (violin, vocal) and Todd May (drums, percussion). As Colorado music legend Danny Shafer says, “Monocle’s instrumental ability is as strong as their connection to the audience. They always are able to give an engaging performance whether to a dancing crowd or a listening room.” Indeed, the band’s noted performances have led them to the main stage band competitions of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Rockygrass, countless venues across the Front Range, and to opening slots for The SteelDrivers, The Samples, and Ralph Stanley.

Monocle Band released their debut self-titled CD in October of 2013 to enthusiastic acclaim, gaining them the 25th most played CD on the National Folk DJ chart for the month of September 2013. The CD was recorded and produced at The Distillery in Lyons, Colorado by David Tiller (Taarka, ThaMuseMeant), the man behind the sounds of Elephant Revival’s first two albums, and features contributions from Grammy award winning lap steel guitarist Sally Van Meter and other noted guests. As Denver Westword magazine says this affecting batch of heartrending songs...genuinely possesses the kind of pastoral charm that so many others seem to be striving for these days but rarely achieve.” It is a snapshot of a moment in time: an acoustic rhythm backed by crackling drums, a shimmering curtain of electric guitars and violin, all of it lifting up the yearning tones of Monica Whittington’s vocals. Marquee Magazine calls the record “splendidly written and performed.”

Monocle Band’s debut recording is a musical postcard made even more poignant when The Distillery Studio in Lyons was washed away in the recent Colorado floods, just months after the record was finished. The album captures a band in its creative stride, a young group with a firm command of their craft and a steady gaze to the mountains and plains that lie before them.

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7:30 PM19:30

An intimate evening with Finnders & Youngberg (FY5)

This is an all acoustic "house concert" style setting.  Feel free to BYOB.
Doors open 7pm. Show starts at 7:30.
$20 in advance, $23 at the door.  All sales final.  No refunds.

For decades now, Colorado has been a wellspring for American roots music, combining the traditional Appalachian old-time and honky-tonk strains of the East with the spirit of adventure and openness of the West. Colorado has served as a magnet for musicians looking to find themselves, and it’s become a place for musical kindred spirits to commune and create. FY5 –Finnders & Youngberg– represent this pioneering spirit, and with their latest effort, Eat the Moon, we can hear a newfound maturity and purpose that comes with steady gigging, dedication, and a renewed sense of purpose. Bluegrass harmonies, crisp as a mountain stream, meld with virtuosic picking and fiddling and the kind of honest acknowledgment of the tough realities of life that’s best found in traditional honky-tonk. “We’re proud to have come from the traditional folk and bluegrass school,” says bandleader Mike Finders, “yet we put all that aside and do our best to build the songs honestly, creatively, with no predetermined agenda to play this or that kind of music.” With Eat the Moon, FY5 brings us a self-assured vision of American music, rooted in tradition, but pointing to new creative directions that make it vital and relevant in today’s modern world.

If you’re looking for the source of this music, there’s a deep vein of country music that reaches all the way back to Appalachia and underpins both bluegrass and honky-tonk. But it takes an uncommon vision and a powerful band to unite the two as FY5 has done. Much of this connection is built through Aaron Youngberg’s facility on both banjo and pedal steel, but also through the gritty vocals of lead singer Mike Finders. You can hear traces of both Jimmy Martin and Lefty Frizzell in his voice, but he has a unique and unaffected sound of his own that comes through on all the original songs. Female vocalist Erin Youngberg does more than hold her own on lead vocals, and when these two voices join together as a duet, one can’t help but compare them to classic country duets like George Jones and Melba Montgomery or Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner. Combine these vocals with rapid-fire mandolin picking from Rich Zimmerman that, though clean and precise, still contains a gritty edge, and masterful fiddling from renowned violinist Ryan Drickey, and you’ve got the driving force ofFY5.

On Eat The Moon, all these elements combine in a partnership that recalls a time before roots music became watered down or overly polished. FY5’s synergy of styles carries the traditions of what came before with the frontier elements of the West, giving their music a sense of freedom and adventure that sounds fresh to our ears. If you’re searching for the ensemble that will bridge the gap between the Smokies and the Rockies, between East and West, old and new, this is for you.

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