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Music Therapy

Chelsie Ozga

"Music Therapy is the clinical use of music lead by a certified therapist to address non-musical goals and foster healthy, cohesive, holistic functioning.

Chelsie received her B.S. in Music Therapy from SUNY Fredonia in New York.  While getting her degree, Chelsie worked in a hospital as an activities aide.  She spent the majority of her time working in the memory care and brain injury unit.  Chelsie became extraordinarily passionate about the use of music in a medical setting when memory care patients began sharing stories after singing with her.  Brain injured patients began utilizing atrophied limbs to play instruments.  Best of all, the hospital had record amounts of families coming to visit because music gave loved ones a way to connect, participate, reminisce and create as opposed to sitting helplessly by their bedside.

After graduating, Chelsie moved to Colorado to become a certified Neurologic Music Therapist.  She began working ages 2-35 with Autism, Down Syndrome, developmental delay, epilepsy, depression/anxiety, traumatic brain injury, ADHD, dyslexia, behavioral/interpersonal disorders and sensory/processing disorders.

Serious injury or illness is not a prerequisite for music therapy.  Chelsie has helped children work through typical but difficult issues like bullies, lack of motivation in school, low self-esteem or divorce.  Even children with deafness are opened to the world of music through music therapy.

Chelsie loves answering questions!  Ask Chelsie what a music therapy program would look like for you or your child today!" info@harmonymusichouse.com Our music therapy sessions are booked through an affiliate  licensed music therapist . Please email us for scheduling inquiries.