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Piano Lessons

Boulder's home for private piano lessons. We have teachers available children and adults. We offer many styles of instruction to suit your needs.

Laura Stratton - Beginner to Advanced (Classical, Rock, Folk)

One of my earliest memories is listening to my father play ragtime and blues piano for hours in our living room. I’d sit on the bench next to him and attempt to play along until he decided it was time for lessons at the age of 5. Ever since, music has been an integral part of my life. I strive to bring this memory and this feeling to every curious learner. I enjoy creating a fun and customized teaching approach, while maintaining an emphasis on technique. The majority of my piano training has been classical, however, for the past 10 years, pop, rock and blues have made their way into my repertoire, allowing me to play with numerous bands around town. The marriage of these concepts has given me the versatility to teach individuals in a  personally directed way, creating a plan that engaging and inspiring. 


Susan McCaffery- Children's Piano

My first experience of a musical instrument was a borrowed wooden recorder at an elementary school in a rather musically-famous town called Liverpool, England. This was soon followed by flute and then piano. Weekly flute lessons for over 10 years resulted in beginner through advanced certifications from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, including music theory. Around age 11, I began piano lessons for a couple of years with Dennis Rattle, father of Sir Simon Rattle of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. For much of my childhood, I played music daily with others, including a flute choir, orchestra, and vocal choir, leading to many performances in each case. Music helped keep my spirit alive through a tough and strict educational system.

I later completed a Bachelor’s honors degree in mathematics at the University of Leeds, England, where I was a regular member of the university wind band. Next up was a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, before moving to Colorado in 1997. Since then, my traditional music background has been widely expanded. For a year and a half, I studied in Boulder with sitar maestro Roshan Jamal Bhartiya. Through his oral-teaching tradition, he transmitted many Indian scales and “ragas” to me on my flute. Multi-instrument ensembles with Roshan gave valuable experience in perfection of timing and rhythm. Subsequent piano lessons with Michael Petersen in Longmont introduced me to the world of jazz and improvisation. I am currently active in both flute and piano with groups in Denver and Boulder, with another diverse genre of Caucasian and Central-Asian folk and religious music, which I find both meditative and deeply touching. I have been teaching flute for over seven years, and piano for three years. My search in both studying and teaching is for the joy, heart, meaning, and power of music. Through it, we can discover who we are and how to express ourselves. It offers the opportunity to develop our inherent potential by reaching further inside of ourselves, not just for musical ability but for everyday qualities such as self-confidence and exchange with others. Music is beautiful, vast, and multi-dimensional: a universe waiting to be explored!

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Pamela Machala - Beginner to Advanced (Classical, Jazz, Musical Theater, Pop)

Pamela grew up in Urbana, IL in a musical family, and has been involved in music her entire life. She began piano lessons when she was 5, and continued her musical studies at Oberlin Conservatory and Eastern Illinois University. She has been active as a teacher and performer for the past 8 years.

Pamela is passionate about many kinds of music, including classical, jazz, musical theater, and various popular styles such as pop, rock, funk, and R&B. Her quest as a piano teacher is to find music that makes her students' eyes light up! She tailors lessons to students' interests and individual learning styles in order to give them the tools they need to be confident, well-rounded musicians. With younger beginners, her focus is on establishing a strong sense of rhythm and having fun with exploring the keyboard (she has an endless supply of games on hand). 

In addition to being a dedicated teacher, Pamela is an award-winning singer-songwriter. She has independently released two albums, Golden Delicious (2012) and When I Get Home (2015), and has toured from New York to San Francisco. She performs regularly at venues around Boulder and at Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar in Denver.


Eric Dorr - Beginner to Intermediate (Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk)

Eric is a pianist, guitarist, singer, and trumpet player. His love of music stretches across teaching, performing, and writing many styles of music. Has has been playing piano since the age of 8. He grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated from Temple University in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in music education. After college, he relocated to Boulder. He enjoys folk-rock and pop in addition to classical and jazz. Eric has performed in various rock, jazz, and classical groups over the past ten years, both through his school and on his own. His teaching experience covers a wide range of age, ability, and musical interest. 

His favorite part of teaching privately is the student-centered path towards musical development and awareness. He loves teaching in both conventional and non-conventional styles. He encourages composition, improvisation, music analysis and ear-training from a very young age and experience level, and he is always curious to see what his students will come up with next!


Paige Sandusky (Specializes in beginner piano for children and adults)

I still remember one of the earliest times I sang in public; I was in 2nd grade and sang Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas and I saw some people were crying. I asked my mom, "Was I really that bad, why is everyone crying?" She made me realize that I had moved people when I sang. That was my first experience with the true power of music, but I've since learned that music is healing, music can connect people regardless of cultural barriers, it is spiritual, it is fun, it rounds out our lives.

I am from New Jersey and started voice and piano lessons at the age of 8. I am extremely thankful to my parents for always being so supportive for my love of singing. They moved to New York City for me so I could go to LaGuardia Performing Arts High School (The Fame School) where I was able to sing every day, learn music theory, and have some amazing performing opportunities. In college, I studied Musical Theatre for 3 semesters, then changed to Voice Performance to ensure I was training my instrument as completely as possible. I received by B.A. in Music Performance at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Studying classical voice, singing in various operas and with orchestras and chamber musicians, and a summer program in Greve in Chianti, Italy improved my command of singing in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.   Living in New York City, I had opportunities to sing pop, R&B, and other genres of music in well­known venues as a solo performer, part of a trio, and a member of an eleven­piece funk cover band. I had the privilege to sing at the renowned Apollo Theater as well.

My education taught me to sing, and play piano with good technique while maintaining healthy technique habits, so that is what I strive to pass down to my students. My experience with various genres of music allow me to work with students whether they are aspiring opera divas or rock stars. And of course I want you to have fun and enjoy making beautiful music that makes your audience feel good! I'm excited to help you in anyway I can to pursue the dream of making music.


Michael Santulli

Michael S.JPG

Michael Santulli has been playing and studying music for about 15 years.  At the age of 10 he began playing bass and studying music theory with his local orchestra.  His experience with the orchestra inspired him to take up the piano, which he has now been playing for over 5 years.  Since playing his first note, Michael has continuously been adding new styles, techniques, and instruments to his repertoire. Now, Michael enjoys playing a wide variety of genres from classical, to bluegrass, to rock, and has performed in New York City, Washington DC, Rome, and many other cities.  His technical versatility and passion for both music and
teaching make him an ideal instructor to help you reach your musical goals!


 Carly Smith - Beginner Piano

There is a famous Zimbabwean proverb, "If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing."  Not only do I appreciate the openness and inclusivity of this statement, but I believe it whole-heartedly. We were gifted with physical capabilities that allow us to communicateconsciously and with intent. Our bodies are instruments waiting to be understood and utilized.

Since I was a young child I have been fascinated with singing and have strived to master my own voice. I grew up listening to the beautiful soprano of my grandmother, the bluesy tones of Bonnie Raitt, the theatrical swoons of Joni Mitchell (to name a few). With a BA in Ethnomusicology with vocal emphasis from the University of Colorado and over 10 years in choir, a-cappella, and vocal lessons, I have formed a strong technical base. As the lead singer and co founder of a successful local band I have found my spirit and self-expression. It is through the combination of these elements that I find my musical style. As a teacher my goal is to help my students build technique and expression simultaneously to find their unique musicality. Come sing with me! 

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Aaron Bartlett

Aaron B.jpg

Aaron Bartlett is a very multi-faceted musician. He's been playing music since 2006, starting his first rock band in high school, and then serving many different musical roles in bands of all kinds up until his graduation in Music Composition from Naropa University in 2017. He's now credited with scoring his first indie film in 2016, and is a singer/songwriter & music producer in the Boulder. Music teacher since 2010, he's worked in schools of all kinds teaching private lessons, group classes, and recording sessions. He loves to teach and offers a unique experience in the classroom not found in many other places, exploring songwriting & music theory alongside his various instruments.

Aaron's very first instrument was piano at 7 years old. Going on and off as he discovered rock music and those types of instruments in his youth, becoming very experienced in music production has lead him back to play the keys and classical piano almost as much as his primary guitar. His piano skills really became exemplified in his various music programs in college at FIU and Naropa. Aaron believes piano is an essential piece of learning music theory and composition, and can make understanding music a lot easier in general. Though reading music is a useful tool, Aaron finds the piano teaches ear training and chordal understanding better than even reading sheet music can. 


Bradley Morse - Jazz Piano

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised in Valparaiso, FL Bradley has been involved with music since the age of 11. His first instrument was the Oboe which he continued through early high school. He started on the electric bass when he was 15 and developed an interest in Jazz late in high school. He went on to study and attain a Jazz studies degree at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL. Upon moving to Colorado in summer of 2013 he has been an active musician of the Front Range music scene. Currently he is in three different groups (Masontown, Gasoline Lollipops and Lonesome Days) and also freelances with other groups on occasion in Colorado's diverse music scene.