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Kids Summer Ukulele Camps 2019

A Gentle introduction to Ukulele in Boulder, Co


Kids summer Ukulele camps

(Ages 5 to 9)

Summer 2019

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A comfortable and fun way to expose your child to music at our Summer Music Day Camp right here at Harmony Music House in Boulder, Colorado.

For kids:

Hey kids! Are you interested in playing music? This 4 day camp will introduce you to playing Ukulele and singing at the same time. You will learn to play some classic kid's song that you already know the words to, and some new songs too. You will also get to play hand drums and in a group with other kids. In the middle of the day we can take a break from music and walk to the park that is right up the street and play at the playground. When we get back to the house we can play some more music and finish the day with some fun games. 

Info for Parents:

The primary focus of the camp is to get your child playing ukulele, hand-drums, and singing. There will be direct instruction in all three areas which will all relate to American Folk Music. In between these lessons, the day will be filled with games and activities that are music related and incorporate basic music theory.

Ukulele: The children will learn basic chords and strumming patterns. These techniques will be applied and used while singing songs. We have developed a Ukulele method for children that requires no prior musical experience. We tune the Ukuleles to an open C tuning, which makes it much easier to make chords with the left hand. Regular Ukulele tuning requires much more complex hand shapes. We have found that our method allows children to begin playing on the first day. 

Singing: The children will be introduced to a variety of singing songs. Formal voice training will not be a part of this program. We will just allow singing to be free and FUN.

Each day we will meet at Harmony Music House for morning circle.  We will have a chance to spend time together and share what we are doing for the day.  We will decide, weather pending, if we will walk over to North Boulder Park and continue our day under the trees and the playground, or stay in the cool air-conditioning at the house. 

Deluxe Camp: (Private daily piano lessons)

In addition to day camp we are offering a daily private piano lesson, which can be scheduled before or after our regular camp hours. We are offering these lessons at a discounted rate of $33 per 30 minute lesson. This option will give your child a more in depth opportunity to study music with their own private teacher. The lessons will take place on all four days, giving them the opportunity to explore another instrument privately. Since these are daily lessons, it is not necessary to have your own piano at home to practice on. The cost for piano lessons will $120 in addition to the regular camp rate. You can sign up for this option below under Deluxe Camp. There are only two spots available per session. One before and one after camp. 

Camp Schedule 2019

Besides an awesome camp experience, we will provide:

  • Musical instruments- Ukuleles

  • Water cooler and refrigerator

Please pack the following:

  • Packed lunch (please let us know about any allergies or dietary restrictions)

  • Raincoat

  • Sunscreen, please put sunscreen on your child before drop-off (sunscreen waiver with registration )

  • Water bottle

About the instructor:  Aaron Bartlett

Aaron B.jpg

Aaron Bartlett is a very multi-faceted musician. He's been playing music since 2006, starting his first rock band in high school, and then serving many different musical roles in bands of all kinds up until his graduation in Music Composition from Naropa University in 2017. He's now credited with scoring his first indie film in 2016, and is a singer/songwriter & music producer in the Boulder. Music teacher since 2010, he's worked in schools of all kinds teaching private lessons, group classes, and recording sessions. He loves to teach and offers a unique experience in the classroom not found in many other places, exploring songwriting & music theory alongside his various instruments.

Aaron's been playing guitar more consistently than any instrument in his career, starting at 13 years old and having played guitar in his own projects since his journey has begun. His specialty is acoustic stylings, and using the singer/songwriter skills of singing, playing, and composing with these tools. 

A note from Aaron:

I believe that Ukulele is a great string instrument to get started on. Due to the fact that the neck is much smaller than guitar, and that it has softer nylon strings, young kids don't have to stretch out their fingers and push down so hard.  We also use an alternate tuning that makes chords shapes easier. This class is fun, and the kids have a great time. I am looking forward to it.