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Ukulele Lessons

Boulder's home for private ukulele lessons. We offer lessons to children and adults. 

Robert Rowe

Robert Rowe  Uke.jpg

A multi-instrumentalist from the age of 9, Rob has continued to push the boundaries of his musicianship. While pursuing his degree in music education, Rob double-majored in cello and oboe, and began violin and viola while teaching in the Philadelphia Public Schools. When he discovered the ukulele, Rob found his love for songwriting. Put all of his life experiences together, and you get a musician who loves to teach and share, who puts a heavy emphasis on listening and playing freely, and is able to apply techniques gained from learning one instrument to the skills needed for another.

Rob puts a large emphasis on having FUN with the ukulele. Ukulele lessons will most-often include chord, rhythm, and style work, applying those techniques to any piece of music we want. With his own arrangements covering anything from John Denver to Nicki Minaj, Rob will work closely with students to find their own styles, and help with arranging and songwriting on this amazing little instrument.

Willie Gammell

Willie Gammell.jpg

Willie has played in nearly every kind of band you can think of, and in nearly every city in the US. Willie plays guitar, ukulele, bass, mandolin, and banjo.

He played guitar in rock bands in high school. He then attended Shenandoah University, studying Jazz and Classical guitar before he heard the call of the road and joined up with the Southern Funk Orchestra. Willie played society gigs around DC and as a hired gun for demos and out of town bands.

Willie helped form the Soulutions, a world music influenced reggae band. Soon Willie found himself in NYC, giving lessons to people of all ages where ever the Subway would go. Here he formed one half of the duo The Galt Line, and toured coast to coast.

Back in the DC area, Willie taught, recorded, and toured with the psychedelic metal band The Neighbors. Recently Willie has been living in Boulder and teaching all over the front range.

Willie will show you that anyone can play music. He'll bring his love of performing and broad knowledge to you in every lesson.

Michael Santulli

Michael S.JPG

Michael Santulli has been playing and studying music for about 15 years.  At the age of 10 he began playing bass and studying music theory with his local orchestra.  His experience with the orchestra inspired him to take up the ukulele, which he has now been playing for over 5 years.  Since playing his first note, Michael has continuously been adding new styles, techniques, and instruments to his repertoire. Now, Michael enjoys playing a wide variety of genres from classical, to bluegrass, to rock, and has performed in New York City, Washington DC, Rome, and many other cities.  His technical versatility and passion for both music and teaching make him an ideal instructor to help you reach your musical goals!

Aaron Bartlett

Aaron B.jpg

Aaron Bartlett is a very multi-faceted musician. He's been playing music since 2006, starting his first rock band in high school, and then serving many different musical roles in bands of all kinds up until his graduation in Music Composition from Naropa University in 2017. He's now credited with scoring his first indie film in 2016, and is a singer/songwriter & music producer in the Boulder. Music teacher since 2010, he's worked in schools of all kinds teaching private lessons, group classes, and recording sessions. He loves to teach and offers a unique experience in the classroom not found in many other places, exploring songwriting & music theory alongside his various instruments.

Aaron first learned Ukelele when asked by one of his long students if they could learn it, around 4 years ago. Since then Aaron has taught Ukelele classes at local Bear Creek elementary and uses it in his children's music education at Creekside Elementary as well. It's a perfect instrument for those who want to pick up an easy stringed instrument, especially if they want to try singing along with it.