Harmony Music House

Voice Lessons


Carly Smith

There is a famous Zimbabwean proverb, "If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing."  Not only do I appreciate the openness and inclusivity of this statement, but I believe it whole-heartedly. We were gifted with physical capabilities that allow us to communicateconsciously and with intent. Our bodies are instruments waiting to be understood and utilized.

Since I was a young child I have been fascinated with singing and have strived to master my own voice. I grew up listening to the beautiful soprano of my grandmother, the bluesy tones of Bonnie Raitt, the theatrical swoons of Joni Mitchell (to name a few). With a BA in Ethnomusicology with vocal emphasis from the University of Colorado and over 10 years in choir, a-cappella, and vocal lessons, I have formed a strong technical base. As the lead singer and co founder of a successful local band I have found my spirit and self-expression. It is through the combination of these elements that I find my musical style. As a teacher my goal is to help my students build technique and expression simultaneously to find their unique musicality. Come sing with me!


Meghan McKown

Learn To Sing Freely And Confidently Right Here in Boulder!

During the course of her career in music, Meghan has helped hundreds of people become better singers and musicians. She works with students of all ages, levels and genres.

She creates a relaxed, positive environment where you'll feel comfortable to sing and play without inhibitions. This makes progress easy and enjoyable. Lessons are catered to your individual talents and goals. Meghan's students sing/play only what they enjoy and feel passionate about.

Meghan is a classically trained vocalist with a B.M. in Jazz Performance from Michigan State University. She also has over a decade of experience teaching voice and piano.

 You can be assured she can help you accomplish your musical goals, whether they be karaoke or concert halls.

 If you need some guidance with stage fright or performance in general, Meghan is a seasoned performer who will help you shine on stage. She has performed in Jazz, Rock, Funk, R&B, Bluegrass and Folk bands.

Meghan teaches with a focus on healthy singing, breath control and vocal strength and flexibility. You will see improvement in your vocals quickly.


Delia Ottomanelli

I never knew what it felt like to be free until I opened my mouth to sing; until I stretched out my hands to play.

My name is Delia Ottomanelli, and I was born and raised in Madison, New Jersey. I took piano lessons for ten years as a child... and I never knew a more tedious activity. The gentleman who taught me was quite talented and played beautifully, but never seemed to enjoy teaching. I still have the old lesson book we used, full of his red ink criticisms. It wasn't until I began taking classical voice lessons and songwriting classes at The Original Music School that I truly understood the emotional satisfaction that comes with channeling your creativity into music. My friends and mentors there not only gave me the technical skills to progress in my craft, but also the freedom to be myself, the confidence to love the unique things I can do, and the ability to put that passion into my music for others to take something from. With time I learned that nothing is more important than loving what you do and letting that shine through in your art.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to share that revelation with others when I was hired on as a teacher at The Original Music School. I taught for two years as I worked on my Vocal Performance degree at Seton Hall University. I brought beginner piano students to the intermediate level and coached vocalists and songwriters of all ages and skill levels. I have never known more rewarding work and I am truly blessed to be able to continue it in Colorado, as I complete my Bachelor of Science Singer/Songwriter degree at UC Denver.

My technique and teaching style is first and foremost based on healthy posture, breathing, and good habits that support a healthy body- after all, your body IS your instrument. I encourage my students to take care of themselves and their voices so they can truly relax and open up when they sing. Rather than teaching students to mimic what they hear on the radio, I show them how to find and love their own unique sound. Whether you need to prepare for an audition or competition, develop and improve music you have written, or you are just starting out from the beginning, I am here to help you push yourself out of the box to new heights!


Monica LaBonte

I have felt so many times that music is a friend that has never and will never abandon me.  Once you have music, it's always with you.

I am from Colorado Springs, born and raised in a deeply musical family.  My mother (who sings like an angel and plays guitar and piano) put a guitar in my hands when I could first hold one and has been singing to me since I was in the womb.  I think my musical spark comes from those early moments and the early exposure to music that my mom and family gave me. Since that time I have had a colorful history with music: years of competitive choral singing; playing and recording with a pop Christian band; running music programs through an Easter Seals camp for kids and adults with an array of physical and mental disabilities and abilities; and, most recently, playing stages big and small around Colorado with my own original projects.  Today, you can find me tucked away singing solo at a coffee shop or local open mic, singing and strumming in one of the many awesome pickin' circles in and around Boulder, or writing, playing, recording and performing with the awesome Monocle Band! monocleband.com

Through my own experience with music, I personally know how amazing and at times, challenging, it can be to find your voice.  Whether it's on guitar, singing, or both, it's important to realize how music speaks through you, to play to your strengths, yet acknowledge your weaknesses and build from there.  I can't wait to share my passion and knowledge to help you learn to sing, play guitar, or write songs!


Paige Sandusky

I still remember one of the earliest times I sang in public; I was in 2nd grade and sang Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas and I saw some people were crying. I asked my mom, "Was I really that bad, why is everyone crying?" She made me realize that I had moved people when I sang. That was my first experience with the true power of music, but I've since learned that music is healing, music can connect people regardless of cultural barriers, it is spiritual, it is fun, it rounds out our lives.

I am from New Jersey and started voice and piano lessons at the age of 8. I am extremely thankful to my parents for always being so supportive for my love of singing. They moved to New York City for me so I could go to LaGuardia Performing Arts High School (The Fame School) where I was able to sing every day, learn music theory, and have some amazing performing opportunities. In college, I studied Musical Theatre for 3 semesters, then changed to Voice Performance to ensure I was training my instrument as completely as possible. I received by B.A. in Music Performance at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Studying classical voice, singing in various operas and with orchestras and chamber musicians, and a summer program in Greve in Chianti, Italy improved my command of singing in French, Italian, German, and Spanish.   Living in New York City, I had opportunities to sing pop, R&B, and other genres of music in well­known venues as a solo performer, part of a trio, and a member of an eleven­piece funk cover band. I had the privilege to sing at the renowned Apollo Theater as well.

My education taught me to sing with good technique while maintaining healthy vocal habits, so that is what I strive to pass down to my students. My experience with various genres of music allow me to work with students whether they are aspiring opera divas or rock stars. And of course I want you to have fun and enjoy making beautiful music with the voice that makes your audience feel good! I'm excited to help you in anyway I can to pursue the dream of singing.


Bonnie Sims  (Limited Availibility, Tuesdays Only)

I have been performing for 15 years, I started singing with my father from a young age and began playing guitar at 12 and mandolin at 14. I have played at venues such as Six flags over Texas in Arlington, Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO, Rockygrass 2009 with KC Groves and the Blue Maddies, and many local venues here in Colorado as well as in the Dallas/Ft Worth area where I grew up. I spent two years at South Plains College in Levelland, TX where I studied bluegrass, country, and western swing styles. I took private mandolin lessons from Joe Carr and bluegrass ensembles with Alan Munde. I also took private voice lessons with Rusty Hudleson and learned how to yodel. I was awarded Best Female Bluegrass Vocalist both years I attended that program (06, 07) and Best Female Bluegrass Instrumentalist the second year. I was also a member of the Pickin' On the Plains and Western Swing ensemble.

I really believe that music is all inclusive and like to encourage anyone who has a desire to be musical to do it. In saying that, I also like to allow the student's musical tastes to dictate what we learn and the speed at which we do it. Private lessons are the perfect environment for that and then you have ensembles where you can try out your musical ideas and practice playing well with others which is equally important. Harmony Music House will allow your musical vocabulary to grow.